About Us

Welcome! You have made it to my corner of the world wide web!

I’m Salena and for me, food is not just something to eat to satisfy hunger or a necessity . I’m fiercly passionate about food and in love with trying out different recipes from the food bloggers around the world which I feature in this site. Here, you will find all sorts of foods – from healthy breakfast , snack , lunch and dinner recipes to easy comfort food and indulgent desserts .

I am totally self-taught and have no formal culinary training, just tons of mess-ups in the kitchen which I’ve learned to rectify and bring under control over the years. I write about all these experiences in kitchen tips section of the website . I also write about the kitchen gadgets I’ve personally used or have seen others use and have asked them about their feedbacks. I do get a bit of commission from Amazon if you purchase through my site links.

You can always email me with questions, concerns, or recipe suggestions through the feedback form.
When I’m not cooking or exploring the web for special recipes , I love to spend spare time on learning about productivity and time management.