5 Esoteric Kitchen utensils that you couldn’t live without

If you love spending time cooking for your family and friends it’s likely that you have collected lot of kitchen utensils over time. But how many of them do you really use? Today we discuss 5 glamorless esoteric kitchen gadgets that are actually very useful and is must have in all kitchens not because they are good to have but for their functionalities and everyday use:​

1) Wooden spatula with thin tip – The speciality of this wooden spatula is that it is flat and thin enough to flip fried eggs or burgers in a pan. In fact you can use it for everything for which you want to scrap the bottom of the pan. Besides it’s functionality the beauty and elegance of the wood makes it a wonderful addition to every kitchen. Tip: To keep it in good condition service it with bee’s wax and mineral oil. Read more of the Thin Tip wooden spatula here

2) Spoon that doesn’t carry flavors to the next dish It’s an exoglass spoon, which is totally inert in every soup, sauce, pudding and does not absorb anything. The other great advantage is, it’s safer to higher heat than common plastic spoons . Also it is dish washer safe. You can read reviews about the spoon and get it from Amazon

3)Horizontal Y-peeler – It is a great peeler to reduce prep time in kitchen . The double ceramic edge is very sharp and the edge holds much longer than stainless steel counterparts. You can peel mangoes in one long strip. While peeling fruit, keep the blade facing yourself at a 45-degree angle, working like a paring knife. For vegetables like carrots and potatoes, turn it so that the blade’s facing straight away like a regular peeler Get the Ceramic Y Peeler from Amazon

4)Spouted Sauce Pan It’s a high quality lightweight enamel sauscepan with a hollow handle. The neatest part of it is the spout which makes it easy to pour . It’s a great little utensil to heat up small amount of liquid and even can be used as easy-to-pour butter browner. The saucepan is both induction and dishwasher safe.Get more details here

5) Collapsible silicone Colander/ strainer It’s heat resistant to 340 degrees F, so you can put the colander into a pot of water to boil pasta directly, and then lift and drain. Another nice thing about the colander is that it collapses to one-third of its fully expanded size . So that’s a great feature to save space in your kitchen cabinet.You can read more here

If you love to cook, these 5 kitchen tools will certainly help you to get the job done easier and faster because of their great functionalities.